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Hall passes.  Sending your spouse to enjoy the sexual sensations of another without your presence.  Your spouse comes home with pics, video, audio only, or just vividly describes the encounter and you both find the eroticism behind a hall pass.  Mr. SBKB69 and I do not do hall passes regularly.  I will go on a hall pass only when we feel very comfortable and have established a relationship with the lucky hall pass recipient.  This is a story of a hall pass adventure with the incredible BraxJ.

Mr. SBKB69 and I met and connected with BraxJ on Kasidie (where else?) a couple of years ago.  My short description of him?  Tall, dark and handsome literally!  His height and his chiseled athletic physique are complete eye candy.  Then you add his fun, sweet, adventurous personality and it is pretty much the whole package. We’ll get more into his cock later!  The 3 of us clicked instantly and had a great vibe.  Mr. SBKB69 and BraxJ have become friends and chat with each other on other matters such and business and yes, politics.  The comfortability is what prompted us to move forward with a hall pass. 

When Mr. SBKB69 and I do a hall pass there are various scenarios.  We will set up video in the room for the husband to enjoy his own porn with his wife the star.  We have done just audio which is crazy erotic.  Another hall pass scenario is me taking pics and short video clips during the encounter.  Or we may do none of the above and I provide a detailed description of how well I was fucked.  

Ok on to the hall pass with BraxJ!  It was a Wednesday.  I was to go to BraxJ’s house after work.  I let him know I will be requesting a glass of wine to unwind from my stressful day at the office.  I arrived at his place and when he opened the door, his physique took my breath away.  He had glass of wine waiting for me at the door, he showed me to the shower and the hot water and wine instantly relaxed me.  I sent the husband a text of how I felt a bit anxious, excited and silly all at the same time.  Mr. SBKB69 was so excited imagining BraxJ feeding me his cock.

As his cock springs free from his shorts I cannot wait to get my mouth on it and suck, and lick and tease!

As I enter his living room BraxJ helped me feel at ease and gave me time to unwind and chat.  But it wasn’t long before we were kissing and groping each other.  I instantly removed his shirt and ran my hands down his defined chest and abs. Damn he’s hot!  Suddenly he lifts me up, I wrap my legs around him and he carries me to another room.  All the while I am even more certain my husband is going to devour every detail.  As his cock springs free from his shorts I cannot wait to get my mouth on it and suck, and lick and tease!  It takes me a few strokes with my mouth to swallow all him due to his length.  But as my jaw loosens and we both relax I can ease him down my throat.  He’s feeding me and I gently gag as he feeds all of it to me.  BraxJ pics up the phone and takes a short video clip of me sucking him and shoots it off to SBKB69.  Like the rest of his body, he so hard and ready for my pussy.  We exchange amazing oral play for some time until we both are just ready!  He plunges is hardness into my pussy with deliberateness and that initial feeling is incredible.  He gets a rhythm going and then stops mid rhythm to send Mr. SBKB69 a pic.  The view of our contrasting skin as he glides in and out of me is for sure sending Mr. SBKB69 into a whirlwind!  We both come up with the idea to tantalize the husband further and BraxJ turns me over.  As I get ready on all fours he has the phone ready for another short clip.  He enters me from behind and presses record.  The ecstasy of his cock in me from behind and my husband watching from afar is almost indescribable.  I feel my orgasm building and just as it builds to peak, the ass crack send my into a shivering orgasm.  He keeps thrusting, his hand exploring everywhere, kissing my neck and back.  BraxJ is not the stereotypical bull BBC.  He’s erotic and sensual and that is what I prefer.  BraxJ pulls out of my wet pussy and feeds my mouth his cock.  I gladly take it in, the scent of my sex and the taste is amazing. 

BraxJ lies on his back after I suck him and I gladly climb on top.  I grab his hardness and guide it into my waiting wet pussy and ease myself down.  I know at that point my second orgasm is coming very soon.  I rock up and down his cock as I am caressing his athletic chest and arms.  I grab my breasts as I cum feeling him so deep inside me. 

I tell him to cum in my mouth and let me swallow him.  He does not hesitate and feeds me for the third time.  I devour his hard BBC.  He knows to grab the phone to send Mr. SBKB69 the ultimate shot.  As he cums I swallow some and pull him out of my mouth for my husband to see him shoot in my mouth.  I know Mr. SBKB69 loves that more than anything and I mischievously smile as BraxJ finishes.  We ensure that last video clip gets to the husband and we lie back and smile and talk of how proud he will be that we sent him the best porn pics ever.  

We chat a little as I dress, my pussy throbbing still, anxious for my husband.  I kiss BraxJ goodbye, giddy in knowing there will be oh so many more adventures with this tall, dark and handsome BBC.

As I enter my house, my husband is waiting with an amazing grin!  We pull our clothes off; I whisper details to him as I am climbing on top of him. He loved the pics and videos.  I have him watch the videos as I suck him.  It is so erotic, we don’t last long and for the second time tonight I have cum shooting down my throat.  Not lasting long this time speaks to the eroticism, but the afterglow of a hall pass can last for days after and the sex and sensualness is incredible.  We soon are looking forward to BraxJ coming to Vegas with us with our Partners in Crime couple for some amazing Vegas, lifestyle fun!!

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